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Welcome to a another Fabulous Friday here in the Toddler Room. Once all the children had been rugged up and sunscreen applied, we ventured outside. While in the great outdoors, William and Kaylee headed straight to the sandpit. Kaylee cooked up a storm in the kitchen while William was the foreman of the construction site and organized the diggers and dump trucks. Once Harley and Ellie arrived, they too headed straight for the sandpit. Together, Harley and Ellie shared roles in the kitchen cooking together and organising food for their friends.

Vaughn arrived just as we were transitioning inside for our Yarn Time. Miss Leesa read the children some books including ‘What Do They Do With All The Poo From All The Animals At The Zoo?’ & ‘Macca the Alpaca’. Kaylee also asked for a few songs, so the children took turns in choosing their favourite songs to sing.

After our nutritious and delicious morning tea of raisin bread and fruit, the children went off to play. Miss Gabi sat with a few of the children and assisted them with the puzzles. While other children used the dolls house as a prop for their small world play. Miss Jess then set up the table to make our next set of maracas. All the children came rushing over to have a turn at making the musical instruments. Everyone got a turn of helping to pour in the ingredients and mixing them together.

As soon as we had finished making our maracas, Miss Jen from Funki Feet walked in to do our weekly dance session! The children decided to use our maracas as well as Miss Jen’s maracas while dancing. The children played a few games such as sleeping bunnies and musical chairs with Miss Jen. The children had a great time dancing and playing musical games with Miss Jen.

Once Miss Jen had left, the children asked if they could do more dancing. So Miss Jess put on some music for everyone to dance around to. We also had something very fun, bubbles! The children danced around, popping bubbles and making music with the maracas for quite a while. Soon it was time to settle down and get ready for lunch. Miss Leesa sang some more songs with the children while we waited for our yummy lunch of nice, warm pumpkin soup and bread to be ready.

Have a safe weekend everybody

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess