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Happy Monday everyone! Today in the Toddler room the children had a wonderful time engaging in role play with the baby dolls in home corner. Kaylee and Ellie spent some quiet time pretending to feed their babies while Harry played make believe as he gently put his dolls to bed. Harvey then gathered the table cloth and spread it out on the floor and all his peers joined him for a playful picnic. To continue on with our interest with boomerang play the children were given the opportunity to decorate their own boomerangs using the oil pastels to create patterns and designs. The children then proudly displayed their boomerangs on our Indigenous display in the room.  The children then helped Miss Jess paint the train carriages with water colour for our transport display which is coming soon. Other play experiences today included building towers with the ABC blocks, transport puzzle play and sharing books in book area.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Jess