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Welcome everyone to a fabulous new week of learning here in the toddler two room with Miss Shelby and Miss Steph. today we welcome our new friend Poppy and her family here to Riversdale Early Learning and into the toddlers two room. We also welcome Henry, Alanis, Quinn, Grace, Alexia , Zahra and Luca.

We started our morning have a play outside with our friends from toddlers one enjoying climbing up the ramp and through the climbing net and going down the slide.  Poppy was enjoying riding around on the big red bike. We then came inside washed our hands for morning tea where our friends Luca and Everly then joined us. Everly had some lovely time with her mum this morning has she joined Everly for morning tea time.

Today Miss Shelby brought in a crocodile ball game for the children to play, while the children had a turn it was great to watch our friends show sharing and turn-taking with the coloured balls as they look it in turns to place the balls down the wholes. Grace used her words to say ”mine turn” while she waited and ”look gone” as she watched where the ball went.Miss Shelby also brought in a box of lego which Luca and Alexia were interested in exploring with Luca using the pieces to make a train and saying ” toot , toot”. Alexia also  followed and extended on her own interest by singing and doing the actions to twinkle, twinkle little star.

Miss Steph set up some play dough and coloured plastic cups which the children were engaged in as they had fun filling the different sized cups up with the play-dough. As it is Australian Day on Sunday 26th January today the children were provided with the colours of the Australian Flag red, blue and white to do free painting using paint brushes. Alanis , Grace, Everly and Zahra chose to have a turn at the painting.


Miss Shelby and Steph