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What a beautiful Monday it was today! This morning the children explored the outdoor environment and noticed a Home Corner had been set up. Harvey was in there, cooking something delicious for his friends. Harry donned a Fire Fighters hat and chased the bubbles around the yard. While Ellie drove her friends around in the ute and stopped along the way to read them some books.
Once we had transitioned indoors and had our yummy morning tea of Blueberry & Banana Bread with fruit, the children moved to various activities. Miss Leesa set up the puppets and felt board on the table. Ellie was straight into creating scenes and singing her favourite nursery rhymes, using the puppets as props in her play.
Harvey asked for the Lego to build with. So Miss Jess brought out the big bucket for the children to use. Harvey sat on the mat with Miss Leesa and built trucks to carry cargo. Ellie soon joined him and made a farm with Miss Leesa. Harry found himself in Home Corner taking care of the baby dolls and putting them to sleep.

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess