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Welcome families and friends to ‘Marvelous Monday’. This week we will be celebrating NAIDOC Week at kindy. Today the children were given the opportunity identify and label Aboriginal symbols using the Indigenous Discovery Book. The children then chose their favourite symbols to have painted on their hands. Kaylee chose the boomerang and emu symbol, Ellie chose the fire symbol, Harry chose the symbol for the sun and Lachlan chose the mountain symbol. Yarn time we shared a story entitled ‘Possum and Wattle” where the children helped label all the different Australian animals including a wombat, kangaroo, platypus, parakeet, mud crab and a snake. Miss Jess then prepared a cotton bud painting experience due to Harry’s request. The children had a wonderful time creating patterns and pictures on their page. Other play experiences today included ARAKAN with Mr Daniel, placing nappies on the baby dolls, role playing with the recycled materials in home corner and movement to music.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Jess