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Good afternoon friends and family!

What a day we have had, we are having a busy week celebrating Valentines Day and Chinese New year! This morning we made our way straight outside where we enjoyed playing chase while riding our bikes, playing trucks in the sandpit, following each other down the slide and watering the plants. Miss Thais also showed us a really fun game where all of our friends sat in a circle passing the ball to each other while calling each other’s names. Not before long, it was time for morning tea; we sat down all together outside and read “Peppa’s Christmas Eve”,  “Macca the Alpaca”. Our friends are really enjoying singing at the moment so we sang ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ ‘Hammer Hammer’ and then of course ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee’! We enjoyed morning tea together and our friends are so clever with neatly packing away their drink bottles and plates!

For group time; Miss Maddi read to our friends “Follow that Tiger” we then we made our way over to find an activity that Miss Jordan had ready for us on the tables! As we are celebrating the Chinese New Year we started making our own dragons today! We painted egg cartons red, made the eyes out of cupcake baking cups and decorated with glitter and yellow string. Tomorrow we are going to finish them off with long colorful tails! After our activity, we made our way outdoors to enjoy the cool air before the rain and when it started to rain we sat down together undercover watching the rain and singing “Rain Rain Go Away”, “Old McDonald had a Farm” and then “BEE BEE!!”. We transitioned inside and had lunch together and by this time all of our friends we so tired in time for a big rest!  We will see you, tomorrow friends!

Love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan!