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Good Afternoon everyone and Happy Wednesday!

Today we welcomed Abraham, Abel, Isabelle, Nikora, Orion, Nayla, Rosie, Brayden, Tua, Ruby, Myah, Millie, and Ava.

We started off our morning playing outdoors as it was such nice weather today. Our friends loved playing with the number blocks and stacking them up to see how tall they could go. They also showed a lot of interest in the sandpit area where they all love to make “birthday cakes” for one another and draw different things in the sand. We then sat together for group time where Miss Maddi read one of our new books “brave” before Isabelle and Nikora took turns in singing “Bee Bee” before we went inside for some morning tea.

After morning tea, we enjoyed some free play and danced to “baby shark” and “sleeping bunnies” which we all loved while Miss Thais was setting up some really cool activities; mud painting with natural resources for the children to express their creativity. We also did water play with sea animals and sand and number hopscotch for us to enjoy as it is Nature week. Before transitioning inside we did a breath-in and breath-out with Miss Thais to calm down our body and mind before transitioning inside for some yummy Pumpkin soup for lunch today.

Now we are resting our bodies after a busy morning of playing.

Love from; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan.