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Good afternoon families and friends,

We started our Thursday exploring the Room where our friends chose to play with magnetics blocks and read some books. When Miss Gaby arrived she got us a Birthday box where we found some party blowers. The children loved to explore our party box, we also sang Happy Birthday to our friend Noah from Toddlers Two.

Was time to go outside. Our friends applied sunscreen and got their hats on to venture outdoor. They are really enjoying the swing and read different books. They also enjoyed water play with the animal figurines. Miss Maddi read us a Book and sang our “Bee Bee Bumble bee” before we transitioned inside and wash our hands for morning tea.

Miss Thais read to us “What’s the weather?”, on this time she talked about storms. We also listened to the speaker the “Storm sounds” where was a good chance to ask the children if they were familiar with the noise and Abel said “It’s a storm”, Millie said, “It’s raining”. To extend our learning about weather the children did an art activity using grey paint and different coloured pieces to create a storm. We also practice our motor skills by the tongs to grab the ice.

Was time to clean up the room and calm down before lunch time. Miss Thais did a meditation and yoga with the children on the big mat. Was a good time to relax and lie down our bodies. The children are getting so involved during the yoga.

Now we are resting our bodies for more play outdoor this afternoon!

Love Miss Thais, Miss Maddi and Miss Otavia