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Happy Monday everyone,

Today we started the morning exploring the playground. Miss Jordan helped Ruby, Abel, Millie and Orion “go higher” in the swing while Lincoln was busy riding his bike around the playground. Ava, Rosie and Brayden were enjoying the sandpit. When the rain arrived, we transitioned inside the room and play with cars, trucks and our new balance wooden toy where we placed the cars.

The children loved our new costumes in the room where they are able to self-select by themselves what they would like to wear. Abel and Ruby also asked for “Baby shark” and we all decided to dance baby shark together wearing different costumes and accessories.

Miss Thais also showed the children some photos of her weekend with our “little tiger” from Kindy. We are going to extend this by giving the families and children the opportunity to take our tiger from Kindy and our favourite book “Follow that tiger”  to your home and take a photo for us, so we can see with the children what did you did with “the tiger”. This activity will help the children to speak in public and also show their friends their experience. Stay tuned for this experience! We are going to start to fill our window with some photos to bring some ideas for the families!

The time flew by and was Yoga time. The children loved this time in Kindy where we can relax and sing our favourite song – “Sleeping bunnies” and practice our breath in and breath out with our magical ball.

We had few more minutes outdoor before lunch where Isla showed her friends her special toy from home.

Stay updated for our events this week:

16/03 – Miss Kylie’s birthday- We are going to make a present for her in Kindy

17/03- St Patricks Day. Please dress up your children in green or all things Irish. At Kindy we are doing activities to celebrate it.

17/03- International Day of Happiness


Love Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Tayla