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Good afternoon to our families and welcome to a wonderful Friday in Toddlers One.

Today the children had a day full of fun and exploration ,imagination and learning .In the morning the children enjoyed being in outdoor area exploring the back yard listening the birds and watching the horses. Before morning tea the toddlers had mat session time  with reading story “A very Hungry Caterpillar” and the educators introduced to the children a new game called “What is in the box”, that give each child the opportunity to find objects in the box and describe them learning about shapes, colours or different elements from our environment. The day   continued with music and dancing time with Funky Feet .We had traveling in the wonderful of bugs using the bugs in the Jelly activity occasion with the children   learned some names of the bugs around us, Beas, grace hoper ,spiders, sensory experiences and using their taste for a lemon jelly.

Thank you for a wonderful Friday and we looking forward to see you all next week. For all our families we wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Lots of love, Miss Gabi, Miss Danna and Miss Simona xxx