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Happy Friday Parents and Families 🙂
A warm welcome here from Toddlers 1 classroom  

Another beautiful playful morning around here –  The sun was shining and we began our day with our friends having so much fun in the yard- The sink/ water play was the favourite spot in this morning for our friends choice of playtime together – they were sharing the water toys, helping each other transporting water to the sandpit, filling in trucks with water and much more. What a fun time! 🙂

The time flies when we are having so much fun with our friends but unfortunately we must begin with our regular daily routine with Toilet/ nappy change / washing hands and Morning tea time.

Filling up our tummies with a yummy morning tea it was then time for our group discussion. Today we had a different group time – Miss Gabi invited all of the children to come and meet her to ask what they would like to play with – Train set was the answer for our little friends. Then, together we set up the train tracks on the carpet. The children were amazing at constructing it – they fixed the tracks together,  sorted out what is a better place to put the bridge and asked for help when it was a challenge. Making their own strategies they were effective to solve problems in the game situation.  Well done guys, you all did an amazing job with the train tracks! 🙂

Also, today we had Funky feet come and do dancing with us! The children absolutely love dancing and moving their bodies in all the different ways Miss Jeni shows us. Today Miss Jeni had a Christmas version of the dance with pom-pom for Jingle bells and Santa’s coming to town. Some benefits of dancing are: Improves balance and strength, improve cognitive performance and helps to boost your mood.

It was so much going on, so much noise, so much smiles and laughs and so much fun around here this morning especially with some friends from babies 3!
Now our little friends are resting on their bed – listening to quiet songs and relaxing for one more adventure this afternoon!!! 

Check out the photos!

With Love
Miss Steph and Miss Gabi