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Happy Monday families! We had 9 friends today in toddlers, welcome Poppy, Harrison, Colton, Luca, Harry, Banjo, Chanel and Ryan!

We started our day outside as usual, we had a big play on the wooden playground, in the sandpit and riding bikes. After all that playing we were so hungry so we decided to wash our hands and have a picnic outside with our yummy raisin toast and fruit. Miss Steph noticed that some of our friends were very interested in climbing and walking over the short tables outside so she went off and found us some climbing frames and beams so that we could make an obstacle course! The children absolutely loved the obstacle course.

While in the shed, Miss Steph found a big tarp that we thought we could make into a fort, we asked our friends whether they would like to build a fort, to which they all said “yay!!”. We built the fort up on the stage and all of our friends from Toddler One and Two both sat underneath enjoying some songs, we even saw the dog from next door! he did a big bark at us which the toddlers found hilarious.

We then transitioned inside to our group time nook where we read a story about where food comes from, dinosaurs and sang some songs such as “open shut them”, “Old McDonald” and we showed our friends how to do “a tooty ta”. Our friends engaged so nicely in group time today. We then transitioned to the bathroom to wash our hands again and sit down for lunch, chicken (tofu for our non-meat friends) and broccoli, carrot, sweet potato, potato and cauliflower.

This afternoon we will have some drawing outside and some lavender playdough with sticks, leaves and other loose parts.

We hope you all have a lovely day.

Lots of love, Miss Danna and Miss Steph xxx