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Hi Family and Friends, Happy Thursday!

Today we welcomed Ariana, Ruby, Nayla, Bella, Abel, Lara, Nikora, Millie, Alia, Ivy, Lincoln, Quintin, Onyx, Isabelle and Tua. This morning we began our day playing in the outdoor yard where our friends enjoyed playing in the sandpit and racing around the track on the bikes. We then gathered around in a group with Miss Jordan to sing our favorite songs “hammer hammer” and “bee bee bumble bee” before transitioning inside for some morning tea!

After we enjoyed our yummy morning tea, Miss Thais took our friends over to the mat to sing “five little monkeys” our friends really enjoy singing this song! They also are getting more familiar with the songs.

For our Group Time this morning, we had different groups today. Outdoor the bikes were very popular and we had Miss Milly engaging with us in the sandpit. Indoor we had Miss Thais doing our counting caterpillar activity and also Miss Jordan doing our “5 little monkeys” handprint activity.

Before lunch, we decided to go outdoor and dancing to Wiggles song. All the children loved the experience. We then sang our famous “bee bee bumble bee” to was hour hands lunch was waiting for us!

Now we are resting our bodies for more play this afternoon!