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Good afternoon toddler one and two families,

Today we welcomed Jackson, Kynell, Noah, Mathais from toddlers two and welcomed Abel, Millie, Charlie, Luna, Halle and Diego from toddlers one. We started our morning outside together were our friends enjoyed riding the bikes and building sandcastles in the sand pit. Before all coming together to sing some songs and read “Wheels” before heading inside for some morning tea. Our friends got to enjoy “berry slice and banana” for morning tea this morning.

After we got to enjoy morning tea together, we all ventured back outdoors where we got to enjoy spontaneous play with one another, our friends enjoyed the colouring in that was set up for them to explore with our friends all drawing different things and telling each other what colours there were. They also got to enjoy an activity set up by Miss Thais were our friends got to help clean our inside chairs and some helped Miss Gabi clean the walls inside their rooms our friends loved helping us out all having a go. Before we knew it, it was time to transition inside for lunch time!! We sang our favorite song together which was “bee bee bumble bee” before going inside to wash our hands.

We are now all resting our busy bodies ready for another fun spontaneous afternoon outside.

Stay safe – Love from; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi,  Miss Gabi, Jess and Hope xo