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Welcome to Traffic Tuesday in the toddler one and toddler two room, today we welcome Kyro, Luca, Charlotte, Taran, Latika, Hendrix and Evie from toddlers two with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais and Kaylee, William, Ivy, Ryan and Harvey with Miss Leesa from toddlers one.

Today we enjoyed sitting together with each other at small tables for morning tea, after having our morning tea we joined Miss Shelby in the book area for a story about a dinosaur, the children responded to the story by making dinosaur noises saying ”raagh”.

We also did some songs where Miss Shelby sang and did the actions to open shut them, wind your bobbins up and rollie ,pollie, up, up up. Kaylee asked Miss Shelby to sing ABC and then enjoyed singing along with her.

Today Miss Leesa took the toddler one children outside for a play while the toddler one children did yoga with Miss Gabbi so before going outside the children did a great job at putting on their own sunscreen , showing self-help skills and independence.

Miss Shelby did some stretches of the body  while waiting for Miss Gabbi to come do yoga with us, Charlotte ,Hendrix and Evie joined in showing off their balancing skills to hold onto the wall as they stretched their legs. Miss Thais showed us how she can touch her toes so Evie copied her touching her toes.


Outside with Miss Leesa the children played dress-ups, collected river rocks in the wheel barrows and getting pushed around in the wheel barrows by Miss Thais, balancing and climbing on the obstacle course, Miss Leesa taught Ivy how to dig in the sandpit and she enjoyed wearing the workers hat while diggers, going up and down on the seesaw.

Miss Shelby, Miss Thais ,Miss Leesa and Miss Danika