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Hello families and friends and welcome to ‘Fun Friday’ in the Toddler Rooms.. Today we continued on with recognising National Science Week as the children were given the opportunity to experiment with the ingredients bi-carb soda, vinegar and colour dye to create fizzing colours. Miss Jess assisted the children in spreading bi-carb soda into trays and then sprinkled dye over the tray. The children then utilised the eye droppers to release droplets of vinegar all over the tray. Harvey, Vaughn and William were thrilled to observe the chemical reaction as the colours spread and created patterns. The children helped Miss Jess identify and label the colours being created.

The Toddler friends have had so much fun this week making discoveries, observations and predictions as to the outcome of each experiment. William and Harvey  returned to experiments from during the week including the ‘Walking Water’ experiment and the ‘Coloured Flower’ experiment to make further observations on their progress. William pointed and label all the colours ‘like a rainbow’ on the walking water experiment while Harvey  was keen to observe the flowers still changing colour due to the colour dye.

Alanis, Luca and Vaughn worked alongside each other today to complete the animal puzzle and shape puzzles. Vaughn was very excited as he proudly showed off his achievement as he threw his arm in the air with delight. Alanis had a wonderful time exploring the Toddler Two Room  for the first time today as she met new friends and happily socialised.

Next week we will be celebrating ‘Book Week’ at kindy. So please feel free to send your child dressed as their favourite book character and bring along a favourite story book for group time…

See you all next week…

Love Miss Jess, Miss Thais and Miss Leesa