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Welcome to Fabulous Friday here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre. Our morning started off in the Toddlers room. Harry saw the train books and asked to ”read toot-toot.” The children sat with Miss Jess and listened intently to the train books. Kaylee then asked to build a train track for our electric trains. So everyone rushed to the mat where the track started to be built! The Toddler friends spent the morning helping each other to build. They then watched in awe when it was finished the different trains went round and round. There were a few collisions and derailments, and that’s when Harley and Kaylee would rush to put them back on the track again.

After a yummy morning tea of fruit with fruit jelly, all the Toddlers transitioned to the Toddler Two Room. In the room, Harvey and Charlotte rushed straight to Book Corner and chose a book to read. Kaylee and Ellie explored Toddler Two’s Home Corner, which ended up with Ellie ironing everything she could find and Kaylee serving up lunch to her friends. Harry went straight to the trucks and diggers. Vaughn also found a new way to utilise the soft building blocks, he used the cylindrical soft block to roll on! He was rolling himself over it and onto the carpet. Harley used another soft block and joined it to the cylindrical block to make a train.

While our friends were in Toddlers Two with Miss Thais and Miss Gabi, Miss Jess was setting up our messy play in the Toddlers Room. At first the children were bewildered with what lay in front of them. The oobleck was white with some splotches of dye on it. William put his hand in and said ”oooh, sticky.” The children mixed the colours together and spoke about the texture of it and the colours they were creating. Ellie commented that she had made purple. When the next group came in it was already a light purple. Again, the children mixed the colours together and created a darker shade of purple. Miss Jess explained to the children that it is something called a non-Newtonian fluid, meaning that it was runny like water when you poured it or dripped it. But behaved like a solid when force was applied. So the children took great delight in drizzling the oobleck from a height and watching as it fell. Then tapped or hit the oobleck and watched as it went hard.

Happy ‘pyjama day’! Thankyou to all for their gold coin donations today… The children had so much fun playing in their pj’s….

 Have a safe weekend

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Jess, Miss Thais & Miss Gabi