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What a Fabulous Friday we had today! Vaughn and Charlotte joined the Toddler friends for a fun day of playing and learning. Our day began outside exploring the environment. Kaylee and Sophie utilised the chalkboard on the wall to draw their friends and baby Luca. Vaughn noticed what the girls were doing and once they had finished, he came over and started drawing. While Ellie and Harley were packing up the ute for a weekend getaway. After we transitioned indoors, the children had a delicious morning tea of raisin bread, an assortment of fruit and some yummy apple pie.

The children then moved to varied play experiences throughout the room. Miss Jess set up the Teeth Brushing Station. Here the children used a toothbrush and toothpaste to brush a giants set of teeth! This particular giant had some very bad plaque that the children had to get rid of. Everyone had a turn of applying the toothpaste, then brushing the plaque and nasty germs away.

On the mat, Miss Gabi sat with the children and built using the Lego. Charlotte, Harley, Sophie, Kaylee and Vaughn enthusiastically built farms, vehicles and towers. Asher and Zander layed down in Home Corner with their creations and had a very lively chat with Miss Sarah. William chose to read some books in Book Area and pick out the friends he saw in our handmade books.

For Yarn Time today Miss Leesa read a book called ‘Creature Features’. This book was about different features from different animals. Miss Sarah then sang some of the children’s favourite songs such as ‘Open Shut Them’,  ‘ABC’ and ‘Sleeping Bunnies’.

Have a safe weekend

Miss Leesa, Miss Jess, Miss Sarah & Miss Gabi