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Hello families and friends…

 Happy Friday everyone! Today in the Toddler Room we started our day outdoor playing with our friends and enjoying the sunny day. Harry requested the Hula hoop. Miss Thais then collected all the Hula hoops that we have in our playground for us to play. Hula hooping help their coordination, flexibility, attention and confidence.

Vaughan spent some time this beautiful morning watering the plants from the yard. Miss Thais sang some favorites songs to the Children. Harry asked Miss Thais for “Dragon hunt”

The children have been working with their help skills by applying sunscreen and using the spoon. They have been improved a lot a this week!

Later in the morning was time to dance! Miss Bea came here to visit us today and practice some dancing with the teachers and our friends! Was really nice to see all of them dancing with colorful cloths!

 This afternoon the children will be making “poppies” using paper plates and painting them red to celebrate ANZAC Day tomorrow.

Until next time…

Love Miss Thais