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Welcome back families to another week of adventure and learning. This morning after the children spent time exploring the outdoor environment, they transitioned indoors to have Yarn Time with Miss Leesa. Nursery rhymes were the favourite as the children sang along. After a delicious morning tea of yoghurt, fruit and muesli, the children moved to various activities around the room. Kaylee went straight to the dolls house and immersed herself in play. Harry found the magnetic connectors a very enjoyable activity.

Miss Leesa then brought the coloured cupcakes out of the cupboard. The children rushed over to the mat, eager to utilise the cupcakes for their play. Lachlan was busy serving the cupcakes to his friends while Ivy was busy pulling them apart and matching the shapes back together again. A bit later, Miss Leesa swapped the cupcakes for some new puzzles. For this puzzle, the Toddlers had to work out which half of the animal matches to what back half.

Soon it was time to let the children’s creativity flow using the textas and paper. The Toddlers had a blast drawing all over their paper (and sometimes the table!). Once everyone had created their masterpieces, the children helped pack up the activity and wipe all the texta marks off the table.

The Toddlers had one more Yarn Time with Miss Leesa, this time opting for puppets and songs. The children then transitioned to a yummy lunch of chicken curry and fried rice with vegetables. Yum Yum.

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess