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Happy Monday Everyone, we hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your family and enjoyed the beautiful warm and sunny weather. This week all our friends from toddler one and Miss Leesa join us here in the toddler two room with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais as the toddler one room is getting renovated.

Today we welcome Ivy, Harry, Kaylee and Harvey from toddler one with Miss Leesa and Lachlan, Ivy, Kyro, Hendrix and Luca into toddler two room with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais.

We sat down together to sing and do the actions to open shut them , wind your bobbins up and if your happy and you know it and everyone joined in with Miss Shelby and Miss Leesa to sing along and do the actions. We also did dancing to wiggles rock a bye bear, wake up and toot toot big red car where Ivy M and Hendrix knew the actions to the songs and showed that they can do the actions along with Miss Shelby, Kaylee and Harry also showed off their dancing skills.


Home-corner was popular today with the children exploring the the different cooking utensils and food, Harvey and Luca played with the cars on the home-corner table. Lachlan played with Hendrix’s baby doll Dan, Luca and Harry shared the farm house, Harvey and Lachlan showed interest in looking at books.


Miss Leesa read some stories  -Commotion in the ocean and Happy Birthday Peppa and Peppa jumps in muddy puddles which Harry, Kaylee and Ivy S really enjoyed listening to.

Miss Leesa, Miss Shelby and Miss Thais