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Welcome families and friends to another fun week of learning and play in the Toddler rooms. This morning the children engaged in sensory playdough play, using the animal shapes and rollers to manipulate the dough. Kaylee made sausages with her playdough which she pretended to eat while Ivy created meatballs. The children also kept busy with puzzle play, working in pairs to complete the 4-8  piece animal puzzles. Miss Leesa then collected the lego set for the children to build and construct..  Miss Jess assisted  Harry, Luca, Lachlan and Kyro as they built a farm and transport vehicles together. The children had a wonderful time using their imagination and engaging in role play. Hendrix spent some quiet time reading books in the book corner as he carefully turned the pages and  studied the pictures. Yarn time today Miss Leesa shared some of the children’s favourite stories including ‘Commotion in the Ocean’, where the children helped identify and label all different types of sea animals. Kaylee and Ivy said their favourite sea creature was the green turtles in the book. We also shared a Peppa Pig story entitled ‘The Biggest Muddy Puddle in the World’. The children all agreed it would be fun to wear gumboots and jump and muddy puddles  like Peppa and George too.

WOW! What a super busy day in the Toddler rooms today…

Love Miss Shelby, Miss Thais, Miss Leesa and Miss Jess