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Good evening everybody we hope you all have had as a lovely day as we have. Tune in to find out what we got up to on this beautiful day.

We started out in the front yard mingling with all our friends and building acquaintances with our fellow cohort.

We have been having so much fun all day with our little friends spending most of our day outdoors engaging with lots of activities and going on adventures to explore all possibilities of play. Children have been choosing to play outside with the trucks, push cows and the dolls. They had so much fun together on the see-saw this morning. They have been using their words when they push with their own legs to go ‘up’ and ‘down’. They loved to play with the hula-hoop too. They were very busy running around the playground, playing under the fort and waving to the friends playing in the next yard.

We came inside after our busy play to have some delicious morning tea then some of us chose to go back outside while some others stayed inside. Children have been choosing to read some books, play with the duplo, hungry caterpillar and puzzles. Lachlan and Everlea took turns during the Puzzle. They also recognized the colours and Miss Thais helped them to separate the shapes by colours.

We are preparing for the long Easter holiday and getting ready for some lovely gift giving but sshhh its a secret.

Looking forward for tomorrow…..

Love Miss Steph, Leesa and Thais…..