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Hello all the families

Welcome to the toddlers for this beautiful Wednesday. Children have been choosing to play inside during the morning. Miss Thais welcomed all the children in the morning, and sang a morning song altogether. They had so much fun with their friends from the other rooms. They smiled at each other, waved to each other and it’s nice to see how they share the things and how gentle they are with each other.

The children have been choosing to play outside for the most part of the day. After having morning tea we continued our Easter crafts with all the children outside. Harry had the chance to paint his Easter basket and all of them had a turn to paint our Easter eggs in the paper by using a cotton ball and a peg. Was a good experience to practice our motor skills.

Banjo asked Miss Steph for bubbles while we were outdoors and they also had a turn to blow the bubbles and catch them.

      Kezia was pretending to drive the big car outside and asked Miss Thais to sit beside her. She said: “Sit, sit” as she  pointed to sit next to her. Our friends also joined us and Harper said to us that we were going to the beach.

We also enjoyed the swing which is very popular and riding bikes.

After the massive play session outside, we had our delicious lunch, picnic style outside. It was a lovely little picnic and the children loved it as it was a nice little change for them.

It has been a wonderful day…..

Love Miss Thais, Steph and Leesa