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Good afternoon families and friends!

Today we welcomed, Archie, Halle, Luna, Liz, Myah, Isabella, Abel, Thomas, Delilah, August, Ruby, Quintin and Ariana to the Yard. We started our morning digging in the sandpit and practicing our balance riding the 2 wheels bikes. We also noticed that our friends Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi were wearing white due to “White balloon day”.

Before our “mango tango coconut granola cups” for morning tea we sang “Bee bee” and “If you happy and know it”, and read “NEE NAW NEE NAW”,  this helped us transition indoors!

For our activity time today, Miss Thais showed the children some “Flash Cards” with different emotions and talked to them about feelings and what makes us feel happy, sad and angry.  Abel, Myah, Ruby really interacted during this time. Miss Jordan enjoyed drawing and colouring in on recycled cardboard with us and Miss Maddi engaged with the children home corner food role play with more friends. We liked being able to move around various activities together!

Afterwards we all came back inside together for Funky Friday Dance, we had such a fun time together getting our groove on!

Before transitioning back indoors after the outdoor spontaneous play we sat down together and read “Roadworks” and sung “Bee Bee” to then fill our bodies with Make My Own Mexican Fiesta for lunch!

After having a busy week we were all ready for a big sleep! Have a beautiful weekend and we will see you on Monday!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi x

***Just a reminder Kindy Photos start on Monday next week if you would like specific clothes just pack away in their bags and let us know so we can change them before photos just to keep them nice and clean. Thank you!******