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Happy Friday!

Today we welcomed Isabelle, Ruby, Delilah, Thomas, Ariana, Isabella, Lincoln, Quintin, Lara, August, Abel, Myah.  We began the day indoors as it was cold outdoors and cosy and warm indoors! Inside, our friends expressed a lot of interest in playing in construction corner with some new trucks and felt train track building! Our friends also enjoyed listening to peaceful jazz music while exploring spontaneously throughout the room. Later on in the morning Lincoln and Isabelle made their way down to senior kindy to continue transitioning for the day and we welcomed Liz, Halle and Luna into Toddlers One from Babies 3!

When it was time for morning tea; we sat on the mat together to sing “Bee Bee” with Miss Thais to then wash our hands and enjoy Mango Tango Coconut Cups for morning tea and then it was time for dance!! When Miss Jenni got here all of our friends got very excited and they couldn’t wait to shake their bodies and get their grooooove on! The children are becoming more engaged during dance time and are following and copying Miss Jeni so well.

For our activity today extended on “Ocean Week” with Miss Thais. We started of will picking our favourite sea animal that was placed on the table and then we painted what we picked! Miss Thais sat with our friends in small groups at a time where we could engage and chat about each animal our friends picked to paint. Outdoors; Miss Maddi and Jordan took friends to the “big yard” where we enjoyed our new stacking cork blocks, books, practicing kicking the soccer ball, balancing and bikes!! Before we knew it it was time to enjoy Nourishing Italian Mushroom, Spinach, Ricotta Lasagne for lunch !!

Now its time to rest our bodies for more play outdoor this afternoon!

Have a lovely weekend!

Love Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan