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Hey families!

We had a quiet class today with only 6 friends: Luca, Harry, Colton, Delila, Chanel and Vaughan!

We began our day inside as it was a little cold, reading books with Miss Thais and playing with the blocks. As it began to warm up we went outside and played with the trucks in the sandpit, the bikes and on the slide. We then transitioned to the bathroom to wash our hands for morning tea, which was yummy raisin toast, bananas and kiwi fruit!

We then decided to do some messy play outside, we grabbed our paint smocks and hats and headed out for a fun activity! We mixed some paint with some shaving foam for the ultimate finger painting. Our friends realised that if they mixed all the colours together that it would make a fun orangey-yellow colour! Harry said he was mixing “orange and green!”, Chanel said “fun”, “I painting with my hands”, Vaughan said “yellow and orange” “more yellow look”, Delila said “pink! yucky” and Luca said “ooo!” “yellow”. Once finished, the children moved into the bathroom to wash their hands and came back outside for a play before lunch.

We then had a play in the sand making mini sandcastles with cups and then destroying them! A couple of our other friends were digging in the dirt, and some were playing on bikes!

Some of our friends this week have been showing an interest in dinosaurs (specifically roaring like dinosaurs with the figurines), so this weekend Miss Danna might go to the shops and get us some more dinosaur toys since a lot of our dinosaur figurines have disappeared. Maybe we can do some printing of our dinosaur feet, getting the dinosaurs to stomp all over some paint and paper!

We hope you have a fantastic weekend and rest up ready for more fun next week!

Lots of love, Miss Danna and Miss Steph xxx