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Happy Friday!!

Today we welcomed Quintin, Orion, Myah-Rae, Ruby, Ariana, Isabelle, Bella, Millie, Aria, Lara, Lincoln, Isla and Abel. We enjoyed an indoor morning because we received some new dress ups! Our friends loved trying on new outfits and dancing along to music and acting out roleplay to the fireman coats.

Miss Jordan then helped our friends transition from the mat into the bathroom by singing “BEE BEE BUMBLE BEE” – the children love to yell their names very loud during their turn! For our Friday morning tea we enjoyed Homemade Beans on Sourdough Turkish, it was the perfect meal for our warm indoor morning.

For group time this morning Miss Maddi practiced our “Hold your hot chocolate” meditation to calm our bodies and then read “DinoShapes” for our dinosaur week. We then split our friends into two groups and rotating regularly. Some of us outside enjoyed spontaneous play and some of us inside with playdough making dinosaur footprints with big and small dinosaurs. Our friends have thoroughly enjoyed our sensory activities this week!

Afterwards we made our way outside before transitioning back indoors for Happy Little Rice and Quinoa Sushi Rolls. Our friends are now resting their bodies and getting ready for more play!!

See you on Monday!!

Love Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Tayla x