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Good afternoon friends and families!

A warm welcome from us and our friends, this morning we welcomed Onyx, Lara, Ava, Orion, Ruby, Lincoln, Bella, Ariana, Aria, Ivy, Quintin and Abel. Before we headed outside our friends enjoyed exploring new coloured wooden blocks, the train set and puzzles inside. When it got a little warmer we headed outside to enjoy water play, feeding the horses and drawing different pictures on the deck with chalk! After free play our friends sat down for group time with Miss Maddi and Toddler 1 friends to read “Theres a monster under my bed who farts!” and “I’m not scared of monsters”. This helped our bodies to relax and get ready to sing ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee to transition inside for morning tea.

After morning tea, we sat in a circle and Miss Thais helped our friends do a mediation, practicing slow and deep breathing. As we have been learning about weather this week we gave our friends the opportunity to choose between three tables of rain, sunshine and rainbow activities. This was a perfect way to see which type of weather each of our friends loved the most.

  • Rain with Miss Maddi – we cut out raindrops and dropped blue food colouring onto the paper and let it run to create a rain drop effect!
  • Sunshine with Miss Thais– extended on Wednesdays activity by gluing on sun-rays!
  • Rainbows with Miss Jordan – we coloured in rainbow stencils with all different colours!

After activity and group time we decided to stay inside as it was too hot outside today, our friends sat down with Miss Thais and practiced more Yoga and read more books. Before we knew it, we sang “bee bee bumble bee” and it was time to transition to wash our hands, find our drink bottles and eat lunch together. Our friends have achieved a beautiful job today of practicing taking our time and being calm! We are resting our bodies now to get ready for a busy afternoon of play outside!

Much love; our friends from Toddler 1 and Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan. Xx