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Good afternoon and happy Friday everyone!

Today we started off our morning by playing outdoors and welcoming Ivy, Ruby, Thomas, Bella, Lara, Orion, Delilah, Quintin, Isabelle, Ariana, Abel, Ava, Myah-Rae and Aria. This morning was warmer than usual so we enjoyed playing in the shade; reading books, playing in the undercover sandpit and the swing!

When it was time to transition, we enjoyed singing “Hammer Hammer” in fast and slow versions, practicing our daily affirmations, reading a book about counting dinos and of course “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” to go and wash our hands for morning tea.

After morning tea we had something very special….. “Larrakin Puppet Show!! We all walked down to the bottom building with our hands on each other’s shoulders walking very carefully! Our friends had such a fun time watching the puppets and learning about what each character does and how they work. Afterward we came back to our yard for a big drink of water and spontaneous play outdoors before it got too hot and just in time for lunch. After transitioning indoors for lunch we enjoyed delicious vegan burgers and we now resting our bodies before another busy afternoon of play when it cools down!

Have a beautiful weekend and we will see you on Monday friends.

Much Love Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Tayla