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Hello and happy Friday from toddler one!

Miss Thais and Liz are away today but its very exciting as they are officially becoming Australian citizens!

This morning we welcomed; Abel, Ruby, Delilah, Bella, Diego, Ariana, Quintin, Luna, Halle, Archie, Myah, Augie, Lara and Thomas! We started off our morning indoors where we were excited to see what activities Miss Mel had set up for us! We found a dino sensory table, coloured blocks, and train tracks. When it had warmed up we moved outdoors for some fresh air, some of the things we enjoyed were the balance bikes, making stop, go and slow down signs with the coloured cones and reading at the picnic table!

For transition time this morning; Miss Maddi helped us do a calming meditation, our daily affirmations and some reading! Ruby had bought in her book called “Give me some Space!” , we also read “Little Bears Manners” before finishing off with “Bee Bee Bumble Bee”.

For morning tea this morning we enjoyed Mango Tango Coconut Granola Cups which helped give us energy for group time!

During group time today we split into 2 groups of indoor and outdoor activities! Outside we made our way to the side yard and started off with a game of jenga with big timber blocks, we then had a fun game of chase with Miss Jordan and Miss Lauren – we were so puffed afterwards!

Inside with Miss Maddi with enjoyed a bubble wrap paint activity, thanks to Abel for bringing in bubble wrap! Together we dribbled paint onto the bubble wrap and then covered it with glad wrap so we could mix the colours and pop the bubble together all in one!

After enjoying both activities we all came back inside together for Funky Friday dance, we enjoyed being silly and showing off our dance moves and then finishing off with fun game of Limbo! Thankyou Miss Jeni for so much fun in dance!

After wards, we went back outside for more spontaneous play before a yummy Delicious Mexicana  Rice Bowl and quiet rest time!


See you all this afternoon

Much Love – Miss Maddi, Jordan and Lauren x x