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Good afternoon friends and family!

We have had a very busy Friday today! As it was raining a lot this morning we welcomed our friends inside with a few different activities waiting for them! Our friends enjoyed stacking the colored shape blocks, drawing pictures, puzzles and construction and home corner! After enjoyed free and spontaneous play this morning we sat down with Miss Maddi to read ‘Piranahs don’t eat bananas’ and ‘follow that tiger’ to follow with ‘bee bee’ to transition to wash hands and have morning tea! For morning tea we had ‘Fruit Munch Cups with Raisin Toast!

After morning tea we decided to do our DANCE PARTY. Miss Dominique decided to get the little slide from Babies Yard and bring it to the room. The children loved the idea to slide down patiently each waiting for their turn!

Later in the morning, Miss Jeni came into the room for more dancing where we danced to our favorite song “sleeping bunnies” and learned some more dance moves! Afterward we escaped to outdoors whilst it wasn’t raining to release some energy and get some fresh air. Before we knew it it was time for lunch! Miss Thais sat down with us to sing some Brazilian songs with us to help transition inside for ‘Chickadee Chicken Nibbles and Roast’ for lunch. The children are now resting and getting a nice big sleep-in!


  • Miss Thais, Maddi, Milly and Tatiane x