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Hi everyone I can’t believe it’s May already, how time flies when your having fun!

I won’t hesitate I’m just going to go right into what the children enjoyed today.

So this morning I had some time to sort out the toys in the store room and everyone knows how long that can take so as you can probably tell I didn’t get to finish but thankfully I had help come and arrive in the form of three beautiful cherubs that saved the day. We sorted through the baskets, containers and shelves to find what we liked. The consensus was cars, scissors and playdough. This lead us to begin our day of learning. We learnt how to carry the scissors safely over to the table ready to begin our playdough cutting experience. We all each had our own pair of scissors to use for chopping the playdough to develop our fine motor skills. I was so proud Colton could even open the playdough container all by himself.

Harry said ‘I cut’ then I asked what are you cutting Harry? He replied ‘I cut playdough.’ So I used my manners and asked ‘May I please have a piece to play. Harry then used the scissors to continue playing with the playdough and cut through his piece to give one to me.

Extending on the children’s interest in nature and creature life I set up an experience of hide and seek. Where the aim of the game was to find all the bugs hiding amongst the greenery which we called their home.


As soon as we got outside the children were on a mission to find all creature great and small. Looking in the turf and running about the yard in search.

Thankyou for such a fun day, stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.

Love Miss Steph xx