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Hello families and happy Friday!!

Welcome to another fun day in toddlers one, this morning we welcomed Myah, Quintin, Diego, Bella-Rose, Liz, Archie, Halle, Luna, August, Thomas, Delilah, and Valencia with open arms. We started the morning exploring the room were our friends showed great interest in the construction mat building tall towers and role playing with the fire trucks and police cars, they also loved playing with the farm animals that were set up on the table. Once the weather cleared up and the sun came out, we made our way outdoors to enjoy some outdoor play. Were we raced across the obstacle course together, explored the sand pit and raced the bikes as fast as we could! After enjoying our busy morning exploring our indoor and outdoor environment we gathered by the door for our group time, this morning Miss Thais lead our group time reading us “were going on a bear hunt” and singing “hammer hammer” and “bee bee bumble bee” requested by our friends to help transition indoors for morning tea, today we got to enjoy “ Mango tango coconut granola cups” which were “yummy in our tummy” as our friends would like to say 😊

After enjoying morning tea together and all packing away, we then got to enjoy some spontaneous play. Our friends gravitated towards home corner where they love role playing with the baby dolls cooking them food and putting them to sleep, while some of our friends gathered on the mat together role playing with the farm animals.

For activity time today Miss Thais and Miss Jordan set up a “roll printing art painting” activity were our friends got to chose different colour paints squeezing them onto the paper (which is great for hand strengthening) and then got to roll each colour they chose onto the paper making different patterns with each different roller of their choice.

Our morning flew and before we knew it was time for Funky Friday dancing!! During dancing today, we got to learn about all the different bones in our bodies as we danced along to the songs, our friends love Friday dancing with Miss Jeni all participating and having a go and showing off their best moves it’s awesome😊! Once we had finished with dancing we sat together and put our hats and sunscreen on to make our way outside to have a run around with our toddler 2 friends.

After having a run around outdoors with our friends it was time for us to make our way back inside ready for some quite time where we sat together enjoying “Make my own Mexican Fiesta” for lunch and making our way to our beds and all resting our bodies.

See you all very soon, and we hope you all have a beautiful relaxing long weekend.

Much love; Miss Thais, Miss Jordan, and Miss Storm xx