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Good afternoon and happy Friday!!

Olá ! (hello from us in Portugese!) We have had a very busy and beautiful day mostly outdoors!

We started our day welcoming; Ruby, Delilah, Abel, Liz, Augie, Myah, Halle, Luna, Ariana, Archie, Bella and Thomas! We started off our morning outdoors as it was so sunny and warm – we showed a lot of interest in the hippo see-saws, saying hello to our senior kindy friends through the fence, watering the plants, and packing onto the swing together! After welcoming everyone through the morning it was time for group time in the sun. We sat down together and sung “hammer hammer”, “Put your hands on your…” and “Bee Bee”, we are listening so well during group time – we are so proud!

After filling our tummies with Scrumptious Banana Split for morning tea; we had some time for spontaneous play throughout the room – we had a blast enjoying some dancing, hopping on the bouncy cows and zooming around on the speedy tiger scooters!

As we have been focusing on Dino’s this week we made our way over to the big yard and made a big game of Dino Chase. Miss Maddi and Miss Jordan pretended to be big dino’s and chased us around using their big dino steps and rours! After burning some of our crazy energy we used more energy at the double slide yard as well where we raced up and down the slides! We had so much fun all together!

As the weather is warming up we made our way back to the toddler yard and enjoyed some water play! This helped us to cool down as well. We had a great time splashing around and getting hosed down by Miss Maddi!

Before we knew it; it was time for lunch! We sat down outside together and transitioned indoors with the famous “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” and then enjoyed Fun-day Friday Roast it up for lunch!

Have a great weekend and stay safe!

Ps- Its Book Week next week and if you would like to dress up with us we would love it!

Our themes for each day are:

Monday – Old McDonald Had a Farm

Tuesday – Cat In The Hat

Wednesday – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Thursday – Follow That Tiger

Much Love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi