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Today we started outdoors with various physical games and activities like riding bikes, hoop games and some “hopscotch”. Kennedy was interested in the connected blocks, so we turned it into a hopscotch game which was popular. We lined up some different blocks and had to step on each one to get to the end. We extended the difficulty by spreading the blocks further apart or placing them diagonally. The children loved the challenge and they had chance to repeat this skill later as we did it during Funky Feet Dancing class as well.

Today we read the I’m not scared story. Where we asked everyone, what are you scared of …
Harry said skeletons – spiders – dragons -dinosaurs
Ivy – baby shark
Kennedy – baby shark
Delila – Harry
Miss Layne then said Harry did you hear that sometimes you scare her when you roar like a dinosaur because it gives her a fright.
Elijah was asked if he was scared of anything and he said yeah. Then we asked what are you scared of and he was still thinking.
Colton was telling us in a big sentence telling us he gets scared of spiders.
Vaughn – big girl
Everly – baby shark
Chanel – spiders
Luca – spiders

In the mid morning we had Miss Jeni from Funky Feet Dancing do some awesome moves with us. We stretched our bodies and then did some shaking and dancing with pom poms. There were lots of smiles on faces especially when we had to wiggle our bottoms! We also did some hopscotch like we did outdoors and this time the children practiced hopping on one leg which was quite difficult, but some children managed it which was awesome.

Thanks for a fabulous Friday everybody

Mr Andrew, Miss Steph, Miss Layne  xxx