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Happy Friday!!

Today we welcomed Isabelle, Ariana, Tairongo, August, Myah, Delilah, Lara, Isabella, Abel, Ruby and Thomas. We started the day in a big Yard where we enjoyed the bouncy tigers, hippo see-saws and quiet time where we read “Goodnight Tiger”, “Froggy Green” and “That’s not my puppy!”

When it was time to transition inside for morning tea we moved over to TD1 and sung “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” to wash our hands and enjoy; Healthy Apple Owl Rice Cakes for morning tea. It was then time for Funky Friday Dance with Miss Jeni!! At the end of dance after practicing new moves we play “the floor is lava” and danced our way to different spots in the room to freeze and wait for the next move!

Then, for group and activity time; we enjoyed making train tracks on the mat and space playdough on the tables. We talked about the everything we have learnt about space so far and what has been our favorite space activities during the week. We then made our way to book corner and read “Wonky Donkey” before making our way back to the big yard for more outdoor play before lunch.

For lunch; we enjoyed Ocean Hugger Fish and Chips before getting into bed for a big nap!

See you this afternoon and we hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Much Love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi