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Boa tarde, (Good afternoon in portuguese)

We started our morning meeting all our friends and educators outside. The children showed a lot of interest in bikes and motorbikes this morning. They also enjoyed “Going on a Bear Hunt” with Miss Thais and all of his friends from Toddlers One walking all the way around the playground. We had our morning Group Time today outside with Miss Thais where we sang our Good morning songs and did some actions. Miss Thais and Miss Gabbi also sang a Portuguese song about a frog who has stinky feet. The children were very curious about the language and then Miss Thais made the song in English. The children laughed a lot! Miss Maddi read the Book “Curious Monkey ” before we transitioned indoors.

Was morning tea and then the children could self select the activity that they would like to play with. We had a fishing game but instead of sea animals, the children could fishing the letters. Was also a good opportunity for us to revising what we are learning this week. It’s also a good fine motor activity.

Some of them were engaged in playing with the wooden blocks, which is really good for promoting creativity, focus and hand-eye coordination.

Other interests today- dolls house, train set and cars, puzzles and home corner.

Have a good weekend!

Love Miss Thais, Miss Maddi and Miss Jordan