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Hello and happy Friday friends!

On this fine Friday we welcomed our friends; Lincoln, Ava, Harlow, Lara, Delilah, Ariana, Isabelle, Thomas, Myah-Rae, Millie, Bella, Abel, Ruby and Ivy. As we started our morning indoors we enjoyed playing with the rainbow wooden blocks and the alphabet blocks on the tables for us.

When we made our way outdoors in the beautiful sunshine we enjoyed spontaneous play where our friends showed a lot of interest in books, bikes and the obstacle course. Miss Emma made a special visit to us this morning to help us learn and understand what our soldiers did for us. We read ‘Anzac Ted’ together and had a minute of silence where we listened to “The Last Post”.

Afterwards we transitioned inside for morning tea where we enjoyed Peachy Custard Cups with Crunchy Granola before dancing with Miss Jeni! It has been a few weeks since dancing on Fridays so our friends were so excited to see Miss Jenni walk through the door! For activity and group time this morning, we made our own Poppy’s out of paper plates to honor the soldiers, our friends were very attentive with painting! We then enjoyed more play outside all together before lunch and release even more energy! We are now resting with full bellies and happy hearts!

Thank you for a beautiful week friends and we hope you enjoy your long weekend with your loved ones.

“Remember all the men who have died. Remember all the battles fought. Remember all the tears families cried. Remember it was the freedom soldiers bought” – Unknown

Lest We Forget.

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi, Tayla and Lara