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Yay! It’s Friday!

We began our morning slowly welcoming our friends into the centre for the day. Miss Danna was here bright and early to welcome us and give lots of cuddles to start our day, Miss Simona and Miss Gabi came a little later and were welcomed by smiling faces playing out in the yard. We enjoyed playing with our friends and developing new connections with our peers in T2. Kennedy dressed up today as a mouse and brought in her favourite book ‘Claris: The Chicest mouse in Paris”. Vaughan and Lilly were so excited to show their friends their costumes for book week today, Vaughan was dressed up as the hulk and Lilly was dressed up as a beautiful fairy.

We transitioned inside to the mat with our ‘bee bee bumble bee’ song, showing and explaining to the children the difference between slow and fast, and singing slowly and then really really fast, which they found absolutely hilarious! On the mat at group we sung our good morning song, said our acknowledgment to country and talked about the weather, then reading Kennedy’s special book.

Today we extended on the children’s interest of water play and cars as yesterday they had been saying we need to wash the cars! We set up a trough full of soapy bubbly water and some cloths and all of our cars and we scrub a dub dubbed all of the cars clean, singing the “Tiny Turtle” song. Inside we had set up a playdough table where the children enjoyed developing their cognitive thinking by using the tools and natural elements to play and manipulate the playdough. We also had Miss Jeni come and do some dancing with us! We absolutely love Miss Jeni and really enjoy moving our bodies to the dance, becoming aware of the space around us and how our bodies can use this space.

After activities and especially after dancing, the children had lots and lots of energy so out we went to the special big yard and did some running games and climbing on the obstacle course to get out all of our wiggles before lunch and rest time.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Lots of love, Miss Danna, Miss Gabi and Miss Simona xxx