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Hi Families! Happy Friday.

Today we used the kinetic sand as a tool for practicing cutting skills and fine motor skills. The children rolled the sand to compact it on the table to use the knife for cutting it into tiny pieces that mostly ended up on the floor but this provided a teachable moment for them to pick it up and keep it on the table otherwise they will  run out and have none to practice with in order to improve on the skill over and over again.

Today the children followed Miss Danna into the store room and pointed at the tunnel saying “can we put this out please?” so we pulled it out and placed it on the mat. The children quickly figured out that they needed to get on their hands and knees and crawl through. They took turns and waited for their friends to go through before making their way through. They quickly realised that while one of their friends were coming through the tunnel, they could pop through the other end and meet in the middle.

We welcomed Miss Jen from Funky Feet fitness for our dose of dance. We did a warm-up dance where the children could learn new moves connecting each parts of the body. Then we enjoyed the colour freeze game where you freeze if you are wearing the colour in the song. And then we finished off with a bang doing the limbo.


Have a happy weekend!

Lots of love, Miss Steph, Miss Danna and Miss Layne xxx