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Good afternoon from Toddlers One!

This morning we started off outdoors welcoming; Thomas, Luna, Halle, Myah, Liz, August, Ariana, Luna, Archie, Quintin and Diego. When Miss Thais arrived we decided to go on a “Bear hunt” walking all the way in the Yard following the instructions. We also enjoyed some quiet time reading books and we also played with the wooden colour blocks.

Before transitioning to morning tea we had a group time where we sang different songs with Miss Jordan and the children started to sing very excited the “ABC” song. We transitioned indoors and ate our yummy “Mango Tango Coconut Granola Cups” and talked about the activities that Miss Thais was planning for us.

We had funky feet activity to warm our bodies before our Group activity time.

We continue to learn about BUGS and all the children have been shown a lot of interest and curiosity in the topic all week. So today we had 4 groups engaging with different educators- Jordan, Su, Crystal and Jess. Halle, Liz, Myah, Diego and Ariana got really busy role playing in the home corner making cup of tea and cupcakes. August, Luna and Thomas enjoyed the playdough with little bug creatures we also added some scissors and rollers to further develop their play and use their fine motor skills. Archie, August, Delilah and Quintin loved the sensory trail with big bugs and green slime where they tried to rescue the bugs from the slime.

We then transitioned outdoors, started our routine with nappies and spontaneous play! Before we began our transition indoors we did a Group Time with Thais where Ariana, Liz, Myah, Thomas showed great interest in numbers, so we decided to count 1 to 10 in English and also in Portuguese.

We had “Mexican Fiesta” for lunch and all the children are sleeping for more play this afternoon. See you all soon 😊

Love Miss Thais, Jordan and Jess