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Good afternoon and Happy Friday!!

This morning it was a little cold and raining so we decided to stay indoors to keep cosy as a welcomed, Lara, Augie, Quintin, Halle, Peyton, Ariana, Liz, Delilah, Bella, Abel, Thomas, Myah and Millie! Indoors our friends expressed a lot of interest in the construction trollies, Dino books and the hoppy cows! As it cleared and warmed up; we went outdoors while we could and not long after Toddlers 2 joined us as well! Outdoors we had a tun of fun all round! Some of our friends were throwing balls onto the roof with Miss Gabi and laughing as we watched it tumble down. Other friends were having bike races, watching the horses and enjoying watching friends from the swing!

We then transitioned indoors with “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” we washed our hands, found our drink bottles and enjoyed Mango Tango Coconut Granola Cups for morning tea! Our friends then had some time for spontaneous play in our room.  A lot of our friends gravitated towards home corner with Miss Thais, playing in the kitchen and putting the baby dolls to sleep. We also moved to the big mat where we sang “I had a tiny turtle” and some of Miss Thais Brazilian songs whilst holding hands in a circle!

When it was time for group/activity time we had two activities set up. At one table our friends had yellow clay and rollers out with Miss Thais – we made lots of things like flowers, Dinos, cakes and animals. One the other table we made a big tree out of recycled materials with Miss Maddi. Both of our activities today helped our friends strengthen their hand and finger muscles and fine motor skills! We then made our way outdoors to play before coming back indoors to enjoy Authentic Italian Vegie Lasagna!

All of our friends are now resting.

We will See you this afternoon, have a beautiful weekend!!  

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Maddie