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What a fabulous Friday we had here in the Toddlers Room. During our Morning Yarn Time, Miss Leesa played a recognition game with the children. They enthusiastically called out the names of the objects on the cards.

After the children had finished their morning tea, they moved on to find an activity. Colton discovered the basket of train parts and quickly started to build a train track. Vaughn and Harper sat in Book Area while Miss Holly read them a few books. The Toddler Friends then asked for some music, so Miss Jess gathered the rainbow ribbons and blasted some tunes for the children to dance to. Harry and Harper rushed to get the ribbons to groove along with. Vaughn soon joined them and they danced around each other, giggling as they flicked their ribbons around.

The dolls house then made its way onto the mat and Colton, Vaughn, Ivy and Harper shared the space beautifully together. Miss Jess then sat on the mat with the memory cards from the mornings Yarn Time and played a recognition game with small groups of children. Harry and Ivy took turns finding and matching cards together. William and Vaughn then came over for a turn.

Next, Miss Jess set up a playdough table with lots of loose parts. Colton enjoyed building towers out of the logs, before knocking them over. Charlotte, Vaughn and Ivy used the transparent coloured counters to decorate their playdough. While Harper and Harry used the logs as rolling pins and mallets to flatten their dough. Home Corner then became rather busy as Chef William hosted a barbeque for his freinds. The children then enjoyed a few more books for Yarn Time before sitting down to a yummy lunch of Thai Chicken Balls and roast vegetables.

Have a safe and fabulous weekend everyone

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess