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Hi Family and friends,

Happy Friday!! What a beautiful day, this morning we welcomed; Isabelle, Aria, Abel, Ava, Isla, Onyx, Lara, Aria, Ruby, Ariana, Ivy, Lincoln and Quintin. We enjoyed inside play early this morning exploring the truck and construction station, the dolls house, and cooking a BBQ in the home corner! Once it got warm enough we made our way outdoors. The children enjoyed exploring the water kitchen, of course, saying hello to our horse friends, reading some new books we received, and balancing on our balance board. Miss Thais and Miss Jordan gathered our friends to sit down and calm our bodies, we practiced slow breathing with holding our pretend hot chocolates and blowing deep breaths on it to cool it down. This helped our friends to be calm and have their listening ears on!! To slowly transition inside we sang the one and only ‘Bee Bee Bumble Bee” to wash our hands and sit down for morning tea.

For group time we had a special guest Miss Emma come in to read us “Follow That Tiger”, our friends were very attentive and enjoyed Miss Emma’s company a lot! After group time the children were given the opportunity for spontaneous play; our friends gravitated towards the puzzles, shape stacking blocks, truck, construction station and home corner. We love seeing them move around different stations and all play with each other nicely – they are all such good friends!

We then made our way outside to the fun double slide yard to release energy and have a play before lunch and rest time! All of our friends are now resting after so much busy play today. Have a beautiful weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Much Love; Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan. Xx