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Good afternoon,

Today we welcomed Liz, Myah, Luna, Halle, Isabella, August, Delilah, Lara, Abel and Thomas. We started our morning reading books and playing with the magnetic blocks. We also helped Miss Thais to sort out some toys placing in the right basket. Miss Maddi read “Follow that Tiger” and the children enjoyed greeted their friends at the door when they were arriving.

Before transitioning to morning tea we choose the “Wheels” book and Miss Thais asked the children what colour were the transports and if they have scooters and bikes at home. We have been encouraging the children to use their words during our reading time, share experiences and talk in public with their friends and educators.

Due to the weather over the past few days the children haven’t had much of an opportunity to play outside. Luckily the weather was cooperation at this time, and just in time to release some energy after morning tea, we decided to transition outdoors with Miss Maddi, Jordan and Lara. Miss Maddi and Jordan took a box with different foods for the children to explore outdoors. The children engaged in role play – making picnic and talk about different foods.

Lara, Isabella, August and Liz also enjoyed the swing and sang “Old Mac Donald have a Farm”

Time flew and Miss Thais lead the Group Time before our lunch. We read “Tom goes to the toilet” and “Toilet Time” books. We also sang our favourite song “Bee bee “ and transitioned to the toilet. For our lunch time we enjoyed Mexican Fajita’s.

Love Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi