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Happy Friday everyone!

This morning we welcomed; Ruby, Abel, Lara, Ariana, Thomas, Myah-Rae, Orion, Bella, Delilah, Isabelle and Quintin! We enjoyed a quiet morning indoors where we found a ‘Follow That Tiger’ activity on the table with tiger puppets, tiger toys, a fluffy and cuddly tiger and of course our tiger book to read! Ruby also found a book “The biggest baddest wolf” this morning at the reception, brought to the Room and asked Miss Thais to read it. For more reading we followed along to a CD song of ‘Wonky Donkey’ – our friends loved it so much we read it a few more times together, it was such a laugh! Throughout the morning our friends also had a lot of enjoyment out of riding the bouncy cows and the cute tigers in the room. When it was time to transition for morning tea Miss Thais sat down with our friends to help calm down and practice our daily affirmations of; “I am Kind, Loving, Gentle, Friendly and Strong”. After enjoying peachy custard cups with granola. We had Funky Friday Dance with Miss Jeni, we are loving dance and are very concentrated on learning new moves to the fun and funky songs! For group time; we split into two groups. Indoors Miss Thais and Miss Jordan finished our transport theme for the week by colouring in train track sets with our friends where we talked about the different trains, what sounds they make and the places they may go. It was a great opportunity to engage in intentional conversation with them. Outdoors we practiced team work and balancing on the obstacle course with Miss Maddi, we practiced balancing one by one on the beam and jumping off at the end and then by the end of it. Was time to transition indoors again we sang very loud “bee bee bumble bee” and had delicious homemade burguer!

Love Miss Thais, Maddi, Jordan and Tayla