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Good afternoon and happy international tree day!!

This morning we welcomed our friends outdoors – Bella, Luna, Liz, Thomas, Augie, Halle, Myah, Lara, Ariana, Ruby, Quintin, Abel and Delilah! Outdoors we had a fabulous time racing on our 2 wheel bikes, going “Up Up Up Up!!” on the swing, making coffees in the sandpit and saying good morning to horses! Later on in the morning Miss Lea gave us a special visit to teach us about the importance of keeping our trees safe, the purpose of trees on our earth and how to plant trees!

When it was time for morning tea; we sat down in the warn sun and Miss Maddi read to us “Australia’s Habitats” – it talked about the different homes Australia has for us and all our animals – including forests and bushes with all the different types of trees in them!

For morning tea, we had Tahini Muffins to fill our bellies. For group time this morning; we had 2 different activities to make trees with –  to they were both challenging and fun!

On one table – we made our own versions of trees with Miss Alicia. Our resources were; wooden blocks, leaves, branches and clay. Our friends were very clever making the trunk and adding the greenery on top. On another table we made another version of trees with Miss Maddi and Miss Jess. We cut our trunks with brown paper, glued them on our white paper and then glued on our greenery which was made out of green cupcake wrappers! After enjoying our arts and crafts we made our way back outside before lunch to release energy before filling our tummies with Mexican Fajitas!

We are now resting our bodies in time for more busy play!

Have a beautiful weekend and stay safe!

PS our photos weren’t uploading so please see them in our book in reception

Much Love; Miss Maddi, Alicia and Jess xx