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What a Fabulous Friday we had today! After transitioning inside from our morning outdoors, the children sat on the mat for Yarn Time with Miss Leesa & Miss Jess. The children participated in our Acknowledgement to Country before singing along to our good morning songs. Miss Leesa then showed the Toddlers our Brown Bear activity. The children called out the colours and the names of the different cartoon animals before we showed them the real life counterparts. The Toddlers then worked together to help each other match the Brown Bear Matching Cards together. William suddenly picked up the matching cards and began to place them on the corrosponding sheet.

 Once the children had finished their morning tea, they moved to various activities around the room. Vaughn went straight to the magnetic connectors and started building. Colton and William made their way to the train tracks and started building their train track. Harper was drawn to the baby dolls and set up a little area on the mat where she took care of them. Miss Leesa then sat on the mat with Harry and Vaughn while they engaged in a recognition activity.

Next, Miss Jess set up a playdough activity on one of the tables. The Toddlers rushed over and started rolling and manipulating the dough into the desired shape. They then used paddle pop sticks to decorate their creations. Other activities the children enjoyed were role playing in Home Corner, building with the magnetic blocks with Miss Lyn and making music with the musical instruments.

Have a happy and safe long weekend

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess