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Hi everybody! Happy Friday!

We started our day as usual, with outdoor play in order for the children to settle in for their day. Today we had Harry, Luca, Colton, Delila, Vaughan and Chanel! Our friends played in the sandpit, on the bikes and were VERY interested in the swing today and ended up spending almost the whole morning sitting peacefully on the swing. (for around 30 minutes they all sat there enjoying Miss Otavia pushing the swing😲)

We then transitioned inside for morning tea and like always, singing our hand washing song as we go, washing the tops of our hands, in between our fingers and our palms. The children are becoming great at washing their hands and will often go there without needing reminded especially after toileting. Morning tea today was yummy raisin toast and fruit, a favourite among our friends.

Today is World Environment Day and we are celebrating here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre!

Since our children are always so interested in their environment and love watering the plants and seeing how they have grown, we have decided to make it an ongoing learning experience for our toddlers. Miss Steph bought a bunch of plants so that our toddlers could look after, plant, feed and water them on a regular basis to encourage kindness and help them develop an understanding that we need to be kind to each other and to our environment in order for us and the plants to be happy. The hope is that the children can see a difference in these plants before and after watering them, noticing them come back to life and become green and tall.

Hope you had a great Friday,

Lots of love, Miss Danna and Miss Steph xxx